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Ice-cream Challenge!

Over the past few weeks, the children in Room 21 have been working really hard to complete an ice-cream challenge. We were rewarded points for hard-work, listening skills, persistence and participation. Today, we enjoyed an ice-cream party with sprinkles, sauce and chocolate toppings. It was a delicious treat!

Green Flag Poetry Competition

Here are some of the poems we wrote for the Green Flag Poetry Competition. Enjoy! Litter and Waste Don’t litter, don’t waste Turn off your taps, save the place! So if you waste, pick up the pace And try to win the green flag race! If you recycle, that’s a great deed, Help the community to succeed. Don’t waste water, don’t waste heat, Come
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Great Fourth Class Bake Sale!

Fourth Class Bake Sale went down a treat!
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Room 21 gets in a Knot!

Learning About Plants

Over the past few weeks, we have been learning about plants. We discussed suitable places for plants to grow and things that might hinder their growth. We also learned about the parts of a plant. We went out to the school garden and sketched some of the plants and flowers that are growing there. One Friday morning, we visited the park and went on
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Ellie’s Report on Russia

Russia is a huge country. It is in Eurasia. That means that it’s in northern Europe and eastern Asia. There are many countries touching Russia. Moscow is the capital of Russia. The Russians use the currency, the Russian Ruble instead of the Euro. Russia is 17,000km long and the population is 143 million. In Russia there traditional clothes is a bright coloured dress with
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Sam’s Report on Iceland

In this report you will learn about Iceland. Iceland is located in Europe in both northern and western hemisphere and has no countries touching it. The capital of Iceland is Reykjavic. There currency is Icelandic Króna also known as ISK. The size of Iceland is 103,000 km squared and in 2013 Iceland reached a population of 323,002. The Sejalandfoss, Jökulsa and á Dal are
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Lilah’s Report on Japan

The capital of Japan is Tokyo. Then Currency in called Yèn. Japan is above the northern/southern hemisphere and is a part of Asia. The Japanese Speak Japanese but they Lean English in school. Japan has 126.095.211 people but it is rising and falling every second. The climate is mostly dry. The Japanese have my traditions like the river fest. They wear different cloths on
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Fourth Class School Tour

Day out at Causey Farm On Thursday th 16th of June all the fourth classes went to Causey Farm on our school tour. Causey Farm is in Navan, Co. Meath. We had to be in school for 8.45am because the bus was leaving at 9am. On the bus my partner was Calum. All the people close to where we were sitting played games on
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Pin Art

All of fourth class got to do a special kind of art called pin art. You need nails, a sheet of paper with numbers 1-80 in a circle, crotchet wool, black paint, a wooden board and gold or silver card. First we had to paint the wooden board black. We had to paint the boards a good few times. Then we used a page
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