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4th Class Emoji Designs

4th Class Emoji Art
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Santa Dash Training in full swing!

We are gearing up for our first ever “Santa Dash” this Christmas. Classes are busy training for the event which will take place later this term. Classes are busy clocking up laps to help reach the target of 3km on the day. Its been great to see so many classes getting out and moving. Best of luck to all and looking forward to seeing
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Dylan’s Report on Spain

This report is about Spain. Spain is in Europe it is one of the hottest countries in Europe. The capital of Spain is Madrid . Spain is in the northern hemisphere. The country touching it is Portugal. The currency in Spain is euros. Spain is 505,990 km squared in size. The population in Spain is 46 million. The biggest river in Spain is Tagus.
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Active Schools Week Dance Off

Fourth Class School Tour

Day out at Causey Farm On Thursday th 16th of June all the fourth classes went to Causey Farm on our school tour. Causey Farm is in Navan, Co. Meath. We had to be in school for 8.45am because the bus was leaving at 9am. On the bus my partner was Calum. All the people close to where we were sitting played games on
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Pin Art

All of fourth class got to do a special kind of art called pin art. You need nails, a sheet of paper with numbers 1-80 in a circle, crotchet wool, black paint, a wooden board and gold or silver card. First we had to paint the wooden board black. We had to paint the boards a good few times. Then we used a page
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Poetry Day Ireland

The children from Room 20 and Room 21 had a great time with the poet Tony Curtis in Newbridge Library on Thursday 28th April. Tony had huge praise for all the children who “were wonderful and so easy to do poetry with”.

Easter Cake Sale

All three Fourth Classes held a very successful Easter Cake Sale on Thursday 10th March. Everyone made a huge effort and the cakes looked fantastic. All the children in the school attended the cake sale and everyone thoroughly enjoyed the delicious cakes!

Visit to the Day Care Centre

  On 17th December Room 21 headed off to the local Day Care Centre to perform some songs on our recorders, sing carols and show off some of our girls’ Irish dancing skills. We received a great welcome from Joan and were even treated to some minerals and sweets after it was all finished. It was a wonderful day and really gave us great
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Fourth Class Trip to Dublin

4th Class School Trip All the fourth classes went on a school trip to a 1916 bus tour and the Dáil on Tuesday the 16th of February 2016. First we went on the bus and sat down with our partners. My partner was Brandon. I had a lovely chat with Hannah and Mary who were sitting behind Brandon and I. We were chatting about
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