Fourth Class School Tour

Day out at Causey Farm

On Thursday th 16th of June all the fourth classes went to Causey Farm on our school tour. Causey Farm is in Navan, Co. Meath.

We had to be in school for 8.45am because the bus was leaving at 9am. On the bus my partner was Calum. All the people close to where we were sitting played games on the bus. It was fun.

At 10.30am we arrived at Causey Farm and had a little snack. After our snack we went and tried to make bubbles and we saw really cute puppies and some cows and sheep.

Then we went on a tractor ride down to the bog and obstacle course. We went on the obstacle course first which was lots of fun. You had to climb through a tunnel and then walk across a rope above water and walk through mud to get to the monkey bars. After that we went bog jumping.

The bog jumping was so much fun! Mary and I started off in the shallow end and by the end of it we were in the deep end. Our teacher took a picture of us jumping in the bog. Daniel in our class got stuck in the middle of the bog for at least 10 minutes. He got stuck because the bog makes you sink.

After the bog we were all mucky so we changed into clean clothes. Then we had our lunch. It felt great to eat because I was so hungry. Then we went and saw more animals like horses, donkeys and pigs.

We left Causey Farm at 1.45pm because the buses were there to collect us. On the way home I was partnered with Calum again. About half of the people on the bus were singing all sorts of songs so I joined in. We arrived home at 3.05pm and I went home.

I thought Causey Farm was excellent. I would love to go again. My favourite part was the bog.

By  Áine

A Trip to Causey Farm

On Thursday 16th June 2016, all the fourth classes went to Causey Farm, Co. Meath for our school tour.

Everyone was in school by 8.50am so no one would miss the bus leaving at 9.00am. Teacher partnered me with Zara and we were both extremely excited for our school tour. We sat in the middle of the bus and I was sitting on the window side. We talked about what we were hoping to see and do. The bus journey was an hour long and some people were getting restless so we all started singing!

After a very loud journey we were finally there. We dropped off our bags in a very dark room and followed two people called Amy and Cormac into the lunch area and we all had a snack (I ate my Oreo bar!) Then we went into a room where we all got to blow bubbles so the ground was quite soapy!

After that, they showed us to a mini barn where we saw a cow and her calf, a really cute lamb and adorable puppies! People were allowed to hold the puppies but I didn’t because I was afraid I would drop them.

Next, they led us to a tractor which was taking us to the bog and the obstacle course. During the tractor ride we were a bit bored so everyone started singing Pop-See-Koo. Then we arrived and we did the obstacle course. One of the parts in it was walking across a rope and trying not to fall in. Thank God I didn’t fall in! After doing the obstacle course twice, it was time for the bog jumping. We took off our shoes and socks and got into the bog. I was nervous to jump off the highest slope so I started on the smallest slope and went higher and higher until I reached the highest slope. After about half an hour of jumping and scrambling, it was time to get out. Let me just say we were all very mucky!

We were all freezing cold when we got our of the book and even though we changed out of our mucky clothes into fresh ones we were still freezing! They led us back to the luch area where we finished our lunches (I ate my jam sandwich and grapes). After our lunches they showed us all the animals. I loved seeing the chickens because we had a contest to see who could grab and hold one! Only Sam and Jamie managed to hold them while the rest of us stared at them thinking ‘how did they do that?’ We also say sheep, horses, donkeys, ducks and my personal favourite…PIGS!

After the excitement of animal watching and chicken grabbing, it was time to go home. We thanked Amy and Cormac and got on the bus. After the exciting trou we were all very tired but we all managed to sing the entire journey home!

I loved Causey Farm and I would go back in a heart beat!

By Mary


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