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On Monday the 27th of June our 6th class graduated from St. Conleth & Mary’s. The school is very proud of all the hard work they’ve done over the years and how much they’ve grown. We’d like to wish them all the best in the future and hope they look back fondly on their time in the school.

At the graduation ceremony the brothers and sisters of students in 6th class performed a dance to ‘On My Way’ and sang a Celtic Blessing and the song ‘I Was Here’. Children from 6th class shared their memories and poems they had written about the school. The 6th class sang their graduation song ‘Try Everything’.

Time to Leave
by Julia Moore, Room 4

School is nearly over,
Our time here is nearly done.
We’ve done a lot of learning,
And we’ve had a lot of fun.

This school is one I’ll always remember,
Even though I’m only here since September,
I’ve learned a lot while I was here,
It’s hard not to shed a tear.

For summer time is coming close,
Then we all go to secondary as everyone knows,
So thank you St. Conleth’s for all you’ve done,
All my memories are full of fun.

St. Conleth & Mary’s
by Niamh Armour, Room 8

Second to Sixth went in a flash.
Communions, Confirmations,
Don’t mention the cash.

School books and library books,
Playground and spraoi.
Cake sales and art work,
The fun is all free.

Mrs. O’Neill and the teachers,
Anne in her room.
And Bernard the main man
Whistling his tune.

School tours and sports days,
School teams and tests.
Learning and playing,
Conleth and Mary’s,
The best!


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