Primary Schools’ Debating Festival – our first time to enter.

I went to my first debate last Wednesday in the Kildare Education Centre against a primary school called Lackagh. I was part of the three people team, along with Áine and Aoibhe. Nicole, Evan, Eva, Alison, Mary and Mrs. Nugent all came to support us and help us out with the crossfire round at the end. I learned a lot of important things during the debate. The first thing that I noticed was that it was very pressurising when I was actually there and about to speak. I felt like I really needed the cue cards even though I had learned the speech basically off by heart. I also learned that in the crossfire round not only do you have to answer for your own points but if your team mate is put on the spot and doesn’t have a comeback you have to help them out if you have an answer for them. Overall it was a great experience and even though we didn’t win it was really fun to try something new.
Rebecca Dobey.


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