Primary School Debating

On Wednesday the 16th of November, our school’s debate team went to the Kildare Education Centre for our very first debate. We hopped on the mini bus and set off, nervous, yet excited.
When we arrived at the Education Centre, a man brought us to a room with two tables for the debaters and one table for the adjudicators. There was also a large TV and a fireplace. The adjudicators sat down and the debate began!
The motion for the debate was ‘Children should be allowed TVs in their bedrooms’ and our team was proposing the motion. Rebecca was first to speak for our team, then Aine and then Aoibhe. I thought they did an excellent job and the opposing team was very good as well. I liked listening to the points they were making and it was quite obvious both teams were well prepared!
After everyone had finished making their points, it was time for the cross fire round. In the cross fire round, the teams and the audience get a chance to question one of the team members arguments. This was definitely my favourite part.
At the end of the cross fire round, the adjudicators left to discuss who had won. In the end, the opposing team won but as it was our first debate, we left with our heads held high!
Altogether I found it an amazing experience. We are all definitely looking forward to the next debate!
Mary Liston
5th Class, Room 6


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