A Trip to Pollardstown Fen

On Friday the 21st of October, all the 5th classes went on a little trip to Pollardstown Fen. It was a cold but sunny Autumn morning. Our class set off at about 9.20 am. We paired up and set off on the bus. We got greeted at the Fen by our tour guide Michael and the tour begun.
Firstly we walked away from the entrance and saw Thorpes Well. Thorpes Well is an open spring, I personally thought it looked a bit like a swamp. Next we walked on to the wooden boardwalk. Michael told us that the Fen was formed 13,000 years ago after the last Ice Age. As we were walking we all noticed that there were loads of birds chirping and singing. Michael told us that the high-pitched singing came from the Willow Warbler and the Robin red breast.
As we reached the half way point we were allowed to get off the wooden board walk and get on to the actual Fen, but first Michael told us that the Fen supplies water to the Grand Canal and the Fen is also known as the Grand Canal Feeder. After that we got on to the Fen. We were allowed to go and see the beautiful fresh water lake. As we were walking I felt the texture of the Fen. I felt under my feet it had a weird marshy texture. When we got back on to the wooden boardwalk Michael had picked some plants. They were the Common reed and the Saw sedge . The Saw sedge has a razor sharp edge and can severely cut the skin. A Common reed is extremely tall and is used to make St Brigid’s crosses .
Our last and final stop was the little fresh water ponds. As we got off the wooden boardwalk we strolled along to the fresh water ponds. Michael told us that we were allowed to fish in the ponds, so we got our nets and started . We went in groups of three since there wasn’t enough nets. Unfortunately I didn’t catch anything but my lucky classmates caught fish such as Minnows, Fresh water shrimp, Caddis fly and the Lesser Water Boatman. A fresh water shrimp can identify what type of water it is in, I found this was very cool. As we wandered back to the entrance Michael showed us a Red Clover and said if you suck on it you can taste honey
It was great to find out about the Fen nature and wildlife, I really enjoyed it. In fact the next day I went back with my Mam and dog. By Alison Power


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