Our First Debate

Our First Debate
On Wednesday the 16th November, Rebecca, Aoibhe, Alison, Nicole, Evan, Eva, Mary and I went to the Kildare Education Centre for our first debate. We were all so curious what it would be like, especially Rebecca, Aoibhe and I because we were the people debating. We came into school and no sooner had teacher split our class up into different classes than we headed off. The mini bus was waiting outside our school for us to hop on. Then we headed off nervous but excited.
After about a 10 minute drive, we jumped off the mini bus and walked inside the Education Centre. Mrs Nugent checked us in at the desk and met Mrs Forde who used to teach in our school. After that, we were brought up to the room where we were going to have our debate. Aoibhe, Rebecca, and I were brought over to our seats where we were going to do the debate. A few minutes later the debate started. Mrs Forde and another lady were our adjudicators.
The chairperson was a boy from the Lackagh team and our time keeper was Eva. The chairperson introduced both teams and then we said our points one at a time. Rebecca our team captain spoke first, then it was my turn to speak and finally Aoibhe. Our team was proposing the motion that children should be allowed TVs in their bedrooms, which meant that the other team were opposing the motion which was an easier task. Each person was able to put three points forward on both sides of the argument.
People were then given the opportunity to put questions forward to both sides of the panel. It was very hard when you were put under pressure to come up with a strong answer to persuade them to agree with our point of view. After about 5 minutes Eva rang the bell to say that the crossfire round was finished. At this point it was very nerve-wracking because the judges were making up their minds. In the end they had their answer. Sadly, the other team won. Then we headed back on the bus disappointed.
However, we were very proud with the way we debated and hopefully next time we might win. We all really enjoyed the experience and we will all look forward to our next debate.
Áine Dowling


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