National Tree Week 2017

Growing Horse Chestnut Trees in Rm. 6.

Last Autumn, I brought in a tub of horse chestnuts, or ‘conkers’. Everyone had to guess the number of conkers in the tub. It was for charity and we charged 10c a guess. We planted the conkers in individual pots before Halloween. Most of the pots were placed in beds in the school garden, while four of them were left in the classroom. After seven weeks, two of the indoor ones, belonging to Jake and Jamie, started to sprout in a hook shape after breaking through the soil.They started to straighten and leaves began to grow, but in a very pale colour. Finally, they started to stand up straight and the leaves turned dark green. The compound leaf of the horse chestnut became visible and the stem turned pink in colour. When the young trees are strong enough, we will plant them in the school grounds.
By Byron Clarke.


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