Movie reviews of ‘Arrietty’.

We have recently read an extract from ‘The Borrowers’ by Mary Norton and watched ‘Arrietty’, the Japanese animé movie based on the story. Here are some of our movie reviews.

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Arrietty Movie Review

Arrietty is an animé film about a young borrower girl called Arrietty who befriends a human boy called Sho. I quite enjoyed Arrietty but I think that Haru the housemaid was very creepy. I really liked the animation and thought that the animator’s attention to detail was amazing. I was a bit confused at how Arrietty kept changing her outfit and the other characters didn’t. All in all it was a great film and I would love to see the sequel and, if there are some, the prequels. If I was a real movie critic I would rate Arrietty 4.75 stars out of 5 because I thought Haru was very strange.

By Hannah Loughlin

My Review of Arrietty.

Arrietty is a really well designed animé movie. It’s about a girl called Arrietty who wants to go borrowing with her father but gets caught by a human boy. The music really enhances the movie. The actors made a big effort translating from the original Japanese. Out of 10 I would rate the movie 10 because it is the first animé movie I’ve seen. I would rate this movie for 8 years and up.

By John Paul Thorpe Kelly


Arrietty Review


Arrietty is a wonderful Japanese animé film for little children and older. The animé drawings/cartoons are very detailed and wonderful. I thought it was translated from Japanese to English perfectly and the story written by Mary Norton definitely captures your imagination.

The fantastic story of Arrietty is about a tiny teenager whose father Pod, goes exploring in the world to collect useful objects for them to use. When Arrietty goes exploring on her own, she is seen by a human boy, Sho. Arrietty and her family now have to emigrate to a new location, but when the nasty housekeeper, Haru gets suspicious, she finds out about the borrowers and wants them exterminated.

My final thoughts on Arrietty are that it was an amazing, creative film that any age would love. I have really enjoyed watching this movie and I will give Arrietty 10 stars.

By Ciara Sammon.


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