Staff v Students Soccer Match


On Wednesday 14th of June our annual staff versus students soccer match took place in the Patrician Field. All the classes went to match the match and we were delighted to have so many parents join us as well.

The students were represented by boys and girls from sixth class and were coached by Mr. Collins. The team was Luke Brennan, Paul Smith, Aidan Venables, Paulina Witek, Ellie Kendrick, Leon Corr, Andrew Tidd, Normunds Bogdanovs, Patricia Martin, Keely Buckley and Rhys Cassin.


The staff were represented by Mr. Dooley, Mr. O’Brien, Ms. Sheehan, Ms. O’Neill, Ms. Dempsey, Mrs. Dooley, Ms. Bolton and Mr. Griffey – who might have been borrowed from the Infants school!


The match was hard fought with great performances and goals from lots of players but the students eventually won with a final score of 5 goals to 4.

A big thank you as always to Bernard for getting the pitch ready for us.


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