6th Class Cool Dudes Food Programme

St. Conleth & Mary’s are very lucky to working with the HSE on the Cool Dudes food preparation and practical nutrition programme again this year. So far Mr. O’Sullivan and Ms. Nugent’s classes have taken part and Ms. Gill’s class will complete their sessions in┬áthe coming weeks.

Cool Dudes is designed to teach children about how to keep their bodies healthy through their diet. They learn about the food pyramid and the nutrition their bodies need, about fiber and other essential nutrients and also about healthy snacking options. Each week they also prepare a number of healthy meals and/or snacks and are shown the ingredients and methods required.

A big thank you to all the parents who came in and helped out with the lessons. We really appreciate your help and support.


Here are some pictures from this year’s sessions.


Room 1




Room 7




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