Room 5: We love to DANCE!

Room 5 have been taking things up a notch with their “human bicycle”  when it comes to active breaks in class. Well done to all who have participated so well and to their teacher Mr. Merrins for the motivation and encouragement he gives to the students to stay active.

Róisín and Clodagh from the class had this to say about their activity in class:

Just Dance

Everyday for the past few weeks we have done “Just Dance” for our 10@10. We do two or three dances a day. Our favourites are Wakka Wakka (This time for Africa), Timber and Blue (Da Ba Da)

Our class really enjoy their dances because they are fun, exciting and makes you very fit. There is a lot of dances to choose from. From slow dances to fast dances, they are available to view online on youtube.

We think that “Just Dance” is a great way to get exercise and have fun at the same time. We also think every class should try it!

Róisín and Clodagh, Room 5

“Don’t just sit, go and get fit”

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