May in the School Garden

Our School Garden

Friday, May 18th, was a lovely sunny day, so Rm. 5 decided to go down to the school garden and see what was growing. On our way in, we admired the lovely signs, made by Bernard and painted by Rm. 6. First, we checked the early potatoes, which we had planted in tyres before Easter. Most of them were coming along well, but nothing had sprouted in one of the tyres. We spotted some hairy gooseberries growing on the bushes but they weren’t ripe enough to try yet. (We didn’t want to get a tummy ache!) In the herb garden, we identified parsley, rosemary, lavender and mint. We also spotted some horse chestnut seedlings, which 6th class, Room 1, had planted out last spring. The tulips were just dying off but there were other flowers coming along such as Stonecrop, which attracts butterflies. Second class have some tomato plants ready for planting out so we’re really looking forward to seeing how our garden grows over the next few weeks.



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