3rd Class busy at work

Room 16

The children in Rooms 16 were learning about King Arthur and his magical sword Excalibur. They decided they would try and make their own swords so they collected as many bits and pieces as they could to help them. They gathered silver paper, shiny sweet wrappers, beads, coloured paper, stickers, stars and glitter. Using all of these materials they created some spectacular swords….so be careful on your next trip to room 16. There are some pretty sharp objects over there.


Room 13

Third Class in Room 13 have been exploring with paint, colour and texture to create our Cherry Blossom Popcorn Art. We took inspiration from the Cherry Blossom trees in front of our school. Thank you to everyone who brought in popcorn to complete this fun activity!

Room 15

Room 15 have been working on two projects

Bottle Cap Mural

Since Christmas the whole school has helped by recycling and collecting hundreds of used bottle caps to create a mural. As a class we decided to design our mural based on the theme of ‘Spring’. We have all been working together and we’ve even had some help from the children in Cairdeas creating different patterns and textures for our design and we are hoping to have it finished by Easter!

Project on Britain

We are also working on group projects on Britain. Our class really enjoyed using the ipads to help with our research. Each group picked one of the three countries, England, Scotland or Wales to research in more detail. We will present our projects in class this Wednesday.



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