Games that link to classwork

Please find a large selection of games that children can play online. Unfortunately most require flash player and can only be accessed on a computer.

*please note that some of the web addresses/links may not work as this is a list I have compiled over the past 15 years (Mr. Lynch)

Maths(Click on the links in this column…)

 Addition and Subtraction (Number)                          Information

NGFL – Northumberland                                                          Adding 1

NGFL – Northumberland                                                          Adding 10

ICT Games                                                                               Adding 9

Gamescene                                                                              Number bonds to 10

NGFL – Northumberland                                                          Adding 10

ICT Games                                                                               Adding 10 – Sub challenge

ICT Games                                                                               Adding 10 – Hundred Sq.

ICT Games                                                                               Adding 11

Harcourt school                                                                        Number Bonds – Hidden Pic

Woodlands Junior                                                                    Adding 10 (2 Min Game)

Woodlands Junior                                                                    Adding 10 (1 Min Game)

Woodland Junior                                                                      Adding 10 (30 Sec Game)

Woodlands Junior                                                                    Add 20 (2 Min Game)

Woodlands Junior                                                                    Add 20 (1 Min Game)

Woodland Junior                                                                      Adding 20 (30 Sec Game)

ICT Games                                                                              10 Less Than – Shoot Out

ICT Games                                                                              10 More Than – Octopus

BGFL                                                                                       2 more than – Card Game

BGFL                                                                                       2 less than – Card Game

Math Popper                                                                            Burst the correct balloons

Fruit Shoot                                                                               Shoot the correct target. 4 levels

Cool Maths                                                                              2 Games here!!Addition to 0-10 Addition from 0-36

BBC Add n Sub                                                                       Find the missing number

Math Man                                                                                Like Pac Man with a little Maths

Canon Math                                                                            Add and adjust the angle! 3rd Class

Fruit Shoot                                                                              4 levels – Shoot the correct fruit

Fruit Shoot                                                                              7 levels – Shoot the correct fruit

Multiplication (Number)                                                                  Tables 2 – 12 (Panda Game)

Cool Math Games                                                                  Multiples (Car Game)

AplusMath                                                                              Times Tables (Reveal the Pic)

AplusMath                                                                               Add Sub Mul Div Game                                                                   Easy Med Hard – Ice Cream Shop                                                                   Jumping Penguin – All levels                                                                   Fishing – All levels                                                                   Washing Windows – All levels                                                                   Easy Med Hard -Fish Shop                                                                   Washing Cars – All Levels                                                                   Grand Prix – All Levels

BBC Skillswise                                                                       Times tables with a timer

Tractor multiplication                                                              Play tug of war against other players with your tractor

Math playground                                                                    Burst the correct Balloon

Rocket Racer                                                                         Dodge the Asteroids – Great to improve Speed of tables

Baseball Tables                                                                      Will you Strike out??

Meteor Multiplication                                                              Shoot the correct Meteor so they don’t hit your spaceship!!

Integer Warp                                                                          Race in your very own Spaceship! Multiply negative and positive numbers to win

Fun4theBrain                                                                         Good to practice your time tables

Fruit Shoot                                                                             3 levels – Shoot the correct fruit

Times Tables

Multiplication Times Tables                                                   Puts fun into learning tables

Tables Master                                                                       Timed tables challenge – 2 to the 12 times tables

Hooda Maths                                                                        Timed Tables

Cheese Capers                                                                     All times tables – Play the game after you complete each level. New!                                 Great maths games

Division (Number)

Fruit Shoot                                                                           3 levels – Shoot the correct fruit New!

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Pizza Palace

APLusMaths                                                                        Hidden Pic – Click on Correct No.

APLusMaths                                                                        Making Milkshakes

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Fishing – All levels

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Ping Pong Panda

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Diaper Derby

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Washing Windows

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Division Detective

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      DicPeaBody – Key to Next Level

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Winter Colouring Game

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Super Racing Gran

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Pet Shop – Easy Med Hard n Super

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Fitness 4 Soccer Season

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Bananas Fun – Next Level

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Harvest – Next Level

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Picnic Fun with Ants

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Archery and egg hunting

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Aquatic Racing

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Maths Models

Fun4TheBrain                                                                      Monster Fun

Math playground                                                                  Burst the correct Balloon

Demolition Division                                                              Solve the questions to canon ball the enemy! New!

2D Shapes (Shape and Space)

Topic Box                                                                             Matching Shapes and Names

NGFL                                                                                   Matching Exercise

Innovation Learning                                                             Shape facts and Symmetry

BGFL                                                                                   Properties of 2D Shapes

Shapes Puzzle                                                                    Drag the pieces to make the shapes

Find This Shape                                                                  Barney activity for younger children

Fling the Teacher                                                                2D – Fling the Teacher

Fractions (Number)                                                                         Design your flag

Action Fraction                                                                    Adding fractions car game

Percentages (Number)

Park Ranger                                                                       Links Fractions, Decimals and Percentages

Mission Magnetite                                                              Compares fractions to percentages (Try to stop the rocket destroying Earth!!) New!

Lines and angles (Shape and Space)



Using a protractor


Angles – Fruit Picker


Using a Protractor to find angles


Finding the angle of the boat


Angles – Teacher Tool

Banana Hunt

Identify the angles Maths activity

 Time (Measures)



Digital, analog time telling


Choose time – Against the clock


Hidden Pic – 2 Player Game


Difference between 2 times

BBC Skills

Dell boy and Rodney – comparing 12 and 24 hr times


Card Matching – Analogue and Digital


Teaching Clock

ICT Games

Feed the mouse – Matching words to Analog


Am/Pm & 24 hour clock

See Saw Logic

Choose the heaviest weight



Death by Decimals

Comparing fractions to decimals



Gold Miner

Dig for gold and become rich!

Number Square



Find the dogbone using the number square – Timed.

All Maths Areas


All Areas – All Ages

All Maths areas

Math Millionaire

Use 50:50, ask the audience or call a friend if you dare!!

Skater Math

+ – x and ÷ Answer the questions and skate over obstacles

Math Fact

+ – x and ÷

Choose level of difficulty. Timed!

Hooda Maths 

+ – x and ÷

Choose level of difficulty. Timed!

Operation Robot

Control your very own robot and choose the correct operation

Arithmetic Challenge

you pick the operation – Try to get a good time.

Fling the Teacher

All different questions



Finding Averages

Find the average


Words and Spellings


Marks English School

Present Tense & punctuation

Woodlands Junior

 Sounds – Sand Castle Game

Teacher Scholastic

Fish for endings Game

Reading and Writing Games

Reading + Writing

Spin and Spelling Game

Spin the wheel and spell the word

Building a story – Lots of genres

How a story is built

Jig Words

Find the correct words and make a Jigsaw.

Silent Invaders

Can you pick the silent letters and SAVE THE WORLD!!

Sentence Builder

Make a sentence based and try to putt the ball

BBC Bitesize Spelling activity

Choose the correct Prefix or Suffix


Plural Spelling game




Use deductive reasoning to find your way across town

Wacky Web Tales

Wacky web tales – Create an online story



BBC – Capital Letters

Find the missing capital letters

Modern Foreign Languages



Improve Your German

Want to learn German in a fun way?

Online Dictionary

German Dictionary Online

German Resources

German online resources

German Games

Fun German Games




Living Things


Human Body Quiz

Human body quiz game

Food Pyramid

An interactive and informative Food Pyramid

Science Games and Experiments

Human Skeleton

Drag the words to the correct place

Teeth Scope

A close look at teeth

Dental Adventure

Become an expert dentist!

Science Games

Interactive Science Experiments

Food Pyramid

Make your food pyramid

Kids Astronomy

Explore the Solar system

Energy and Forces



Change the material to increase/reduce the friction

Friction and Air Resistance

Multiple choice questions on Friction

BBC Bitesize

Electric Circuit game – Wires, batteries, bulbs and more



Environment Awareness and Care


All Scientific Areas


Science Games

Biology/Life, Earth and Space and Physical Science

BiteSize (KS2)

Great BBC website – Focuses on Living Things, Materials and Physical Processes.

BBC Schools

All ages All sections

BBC Schools – Science Splat

Quiz – Three levels of very good questions across all strands

Mini Scientist

Intel Mini Scientist Information



Listen to the latest songs as Gaeilge! New!

Talk Irish

Hangman (as Gaeilge)

Digital Dialects

Colour and Vocab Interactive games

Fling the Teacher

Find the correct word and Fling The Teacher!


Choose the correct Colour New!




Iron Age Celts

The Celts like you have never seen them before.

Titanic Quiz

Multiple choice quiz aimed at 3rd/4th classes

1916 – Easter Rising

All embracing prelude, insurrection and aftermath

Christopher Columbus

Multiple choice on the explorer

Anne Frank

Anne frank webquest – Created by a student teacher

Irish Presidents

Biography of Irish  Presidents – Notes on all the presidents


Facts, activities and teacher notes

Medieval Questions

Penalty Shoot Out



Geography Quiz

Test your Geographical knowledge

Kids Geo

Geography – Interactive map Games.

Balloon Tycoon

Travel around the globe in a hot air Balloon.

United States

Do you know all the states in the United States

I Like 2 Learn

Interactive Geography maps

Europe Website

Interactive games to improve your European knowledge

Interactive Map Of Ireland

Drag and drop Counties to their correct location

Mountains Of Europe

Drag and drop activity

Rivers and Coasts

Includes the water cycle

Mountains of Ireland

Mountains of  Ireland – drag n drop activity

Capital Cities

Guess the city

Art Attack

Origami Club

The Japanese art of folding paper into shapes representing objects – Your step by step Guide

How To Draw

Shows videos on how to draw cartoons, 3D and lots more

Art Attack

Like the TV show –

 I Am An Artist

Great site for art ideas

How to draw tutorials

Drawing tutorials

BBC Dance Mat Typing

Type in the correct words


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