Green Schools Committee

greenflag pic

St. Conleth & Mary’s has an excellent Green Team, led by Mr. O’Brien, whose job is to promote a green lifestyle throughout the school and inform us of ways we can help the environment.


As part of the Green Flag process the Green Team leads the school efforts in all areas of environmental development. We achieved our seventh Green Flag in May 2017 for Global Citizenship: Energy. You can read all about that here.



Some of the work the Green Team do in our school is outlined below. We will work towards our eighth Green Flag  – for Marine Life – over the coming year. 

Litter and Waste: The Green Team are responsible for promoting recycling in our school. They arrange litter picking in our yards and grounds.

Water: We do our best to conserve water in our school. We use pressurised taps and try not to waste water while cleaning.

Travel: Children in our school are encouraged to choose environmentally friendly methods of travel to come to school. We particularly encourage this as part of our Feet First Friday initiative.

Energy: We do our best to conserve energy in our school. In the winter, we ask all classes to make sure their windows and doors are closed at breaktimes and we monitor the building doors to ensure heat doesn’t escape the building.

Biodiversity: As part of our efforts in the area of biodiversity we maintain our school garden. Various classes have planted in the garden. We also study local trees, particularly those found on our school grounds and in the park.