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December 17 023

Toy Show Room 15

Countdown to Christmas has officially begun with the Late Late Toy show hitting our screens again. Room 15 were very excited and decided to kick things off with a toy show of their own. Everyone got to bring in a toy and present it to the class. We had great fun!

Halloween Art in Room 21

Sunset Halloween Scenes from 4th Class in Room 21.

Halloween Fun in Room 8

5th class, Room 8, had an arty, chatty Halloween.
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Room 5 Choc Apples 085

Halloween Fun

We had great fun in Room 5 today, dressing up and making chocolate coated apples. Thomas brought in a fabulous Halloween cake. It was shaped like a ‘sciathán leathair’. We all shared it.    

Halloween Costumes

Room 7 made a big effort with their Halloween Costumes today. Thank you to everyone for all their hard work. It was a hard decision but eventually it was decided that Anna White and Alex Grogan had the best costumes in the class.    

Maths Week 17 190

Halloween Art

A video of our latest work!
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Our Trip to Lullymore

Rm. 5 spent an exciting day on the bog.
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The Rook

The Bird Man Visit

Who would have guessed how many birds visit our school playground?
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Under 11s Football

Semi Final – Thursday at 1pm
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