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June Fest Yarnbombing

Our yarnbombing journey has reached its destination!
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Active Schools Week Dance Off

Knitting in Room 6

We’ve begun learning to knit. Three lovely ladies from the ICA, Carmel, Annie and Mildred, came in to help us get started. It’s hard in the beginning but we’re getting better every day.

Aztec Pottery

We’ve just been learning about the Aztec civilization. In Art we made some pinch pots from clay, which we decorated with Aztec designs. First we painted the background colours. Then we painted our Aztec designs onto the pots. They turned out very well.

A Day at the Racecourse

The annual visit of 5th classes to the Curragh Racecourse took place on Wed. last, April 13th. We had a fabulous day for the trip and it was a pleasure to spend the morning out in the fresh air and sunshine. We were given a talk by people from RACE and some of us got to try riding the simulator horse. We then went
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Room 6 – Readers of the Week

Room 6 made a particular effort to read with expression focusing on the 7 P’s of reading aloud. Well done!

Paired Reading

Room 6 really enjoyed helping Ms Clancy’s First Class with their reading during World Book Week. They also made lovely book marks to give to their reading buddies.