After Easter, our teacher told our class that we were going to be taking part in yarn bombing for the June Fest 2016. We were eager to start. Our teacher gave knitting to the people who could already knit first and in no time everyone in our class was knitting. When we were all starting ladies from the ICA came to help us knit. A lady called Annie from the ICA came up with the yarn bombing idea.

Everyone got 4 mm size needles and a small ball of wool- colour of your choice!! Some people changed colour half way through their knitting. Our teacher knitted a huge replica of our school tie. Some people even learned the ‘cheat stitch’. Mrs Dooley’s and Miss McGrath’s classes joined in too. We had so much knitting when the time came to put it up we covered two trees!! Eight people in our class made the letters spelling June Fest on pieces of felt and they sewed sequins and plastic gems on them. In all we made four huge blankets of knitting which covered the two trees and it looked amazing!!

Lots of people came to the June Fest to view all the beautiful knitting in the fine weather and there was a great atmosphere in the Liffey Linear Park. J J


By Niamh and Hollie



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