Our Visit to Pollardstown Fen


One dry Friday morning our class went to Pollardstown Fen. As soon as we walked into our classroom it was already time to go, we all lined up straight with our partners. I was with Eimear and we went out to our bus. At first we all assumed that the bus we were travelling on was right in front of us but then it drove off so we waited for just another minute and the Bus Éireann bus came along but of course it once again drove past us too. After about a minute or two of waiting our bus arrived. It was a really fun drive up to Pollardstown.
Eventually we approached our destination. A nice man named Michael was showing us around. We first looked at this big sign which was a map of the place. After that, as we walked along the board walk ,he told us to look out for poo because it could belong to an animal like an otter which you would rarely see because he or she is very shy, or maybe a fox which we would definitely not see because they are nocturnal. We saw this stuff that looked like poo but it was not, it was actually from a Barn Owl. When it swallows hair or small bones it is all stored up in the crop which is in its throat and when this fills up the owl will cough the contents up. This process will continue until the owl is no longer living.
We then had a look at some of the plants. We didn’t see any orchids because all the big and tall plants took over all the land and, left hardly any space for the little plants to grow. Also orchids like the Fly Orchid, Marsh Orchid and the Butterfly Orchid are quite rare. The big and tall plants were the Saw Sedge and the Common Reed. The Saw Sedge happened to be taller than Mrs Nugent and even bigger than Michael!
After all of that we went fishing with nets that Michael gave us. We had to line up in small groups and take turns to take a dip in with the net. It was a lot harder than he made it look. Some people found it easy but I was not very good at it. I found a snail but some people in my class found tiny little Minnows otherwise known as Pinkeens. We also found a Caddis Fly that was living in a small twig. Although we got a good look at it, it must have been quite shy because he or she only peeped its head out. Unfortunately our trip was coming to an end. Michael told us that if we licked the end of a Red Clover we would get a honey sort of taste and surprisingly there was actually a strong taste of honey from it. We also saw some blackberries growing on some brambles, Eimear and I ate one or two and thought they were kind of nice and juicy. The last thing Michael showed us was Rosehips. If you open the berry you will find tiny little seeds and if you put those little seeds down someones back they will start to squirm because they are itchy with all the hair on them. We soon had to walk back to the bus after that because it was time to go home. Michael gave us little brochures to remember the Pollardstown Fen. We all got into the bus and waved goodbye to Michael. We had a really fun day overall and I would definitely go back.

Caoimhe Murphy
Room 6


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