Green Flag Poetry Competition

Here are some of the poems we wrote for the Green Flag Poetry Competition. Enjoy!

Litter and Waste

Don’t litter, don’t waste

Turn off your taps, save the place!

So if you waste, pick up the pace

And try to win the green flag race!

If you recycle, that’s a great deed,

Help the community to succeed.

Don’t waste water, don’t waste heat,

Come to school on your feet.

Don’t cut down trees, they give you air,

They do so much. I hope you care!

Claire Smyth

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Can I Have a Bag with That?

A bag for something I have bought,

Is what I get without a thought.

I’ll take it home and throw it out,

And rarely ask, ‘What’s that about?’

The toy I bought, I’ll bin one day,

Because with it, I didn’t play.

In the shop, it looked fantastic,

But really it’s more wasted plastic.

Before we buy or before we bag,

We should think about our Green Flag,

That’ll show we know it’s vital,

To think Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

                                                                   Ellie Smith

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Don’t Litter!

Spitting out chewing gum is a devilish sin,

Please be an angel and put it in the bin.

For it clings to our shoes and it sticks to the street

And often it’s found on the table or seat.

So come on you chewers and please have a heart.

Let’s keep our school looking smart!

Jackson Kenyon


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