September in St. Conleths & Mary’s


We had a very busy September here in St. Conleth and Mary’s. We were delighted to welcome all our new Second Classes and our new teacher Mr. O’Sullivan. We hope they’ve all settled in well.


September PE kicked off with a bang. Room 7 and Room 8 started swimming on the first Monday in K Leisure and our  2nd, 3rd and 4th classes have started volleyball training on Fridays. This year our school intends to apply for our second Active Flag. Ms. Bolton and Ms. Dempsey are leading the project and we wish them well. They have lots of exciting things lined up for us all over the coming months.


Extra curricular activities have also kicked off again. Mr. Dooley, Mr. O’Brien and Mr. O’Sullivan are back training the footballers, Ms. O’Neill is running a chess club for the 2nd classes after school on Wednesdays and Mrs. Cullen and Ms. Nugent have started preparing the choir for the Peace Proms Concert.


The school Green Team is also back up and running. Having received our Global Citizenship: Energy flag in June we’re now making plans for our eighth flag for Marine Life. Lots more to come on that!


Overall we’re looking forward to a great year – if September is anything to go by – it’ll certainly be busy!




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